Fight Like a Girl (FLAG) exists to help girls become their strongest, most confident selves inside and outside of boxing. The program uses Sports-Based-Youth-Development and Social Emotional Learning techniques to transfer lessons from boxing into other areas of students' lives, which results in cultivating greater discipline, strength, self-compassion, and confidence. 

FLAG is driven to fill a gap in the content available to girls on body image, mental health, social media, and building confidence by delivering tangible takeaways, tools, and strategies that girls can implement to change their lives.

The program is fiercely driven to empower girls to do the unimaginable; while it is unexpected for young women to be boxers, after training like fighters, girls are better able to envision themselves achieving other unimaginable things. 

FLAG works in elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools with both teachers and a team of boxing coaches. 

We are driven to continue to bring the lifechanging power of boxing to more girls. 

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