Chicago Girls Boxing Clinic

What is Fight Like a Girl? (FLAG)

Fight Like a Girl is a boxing program designed to teach students to challenge themselves physically and recognize that they are capable of doing things that previously seemed unachievable. The program uses Sports-Based-Youth-Development and Social Emotional Learning techniques to transfer lessons from boxing into other areas of students lives. FLAG helps girls become their strongest, most confident selves inside and outside of boxing. 


The mission of Fight Like a Girl is twofold. First and foremost, we are driven to bring the life changing power of boxing to more girls around the world to help them cultivate discipline, strength, self-compassion, and confidence. Second, we believe in the power of sport to bring people together. Our program uses boxing to connect communities, in the U.S. and globally, to help us see that we are all more similar than we are different.  


 Middle School Program

Our middle school program is designed to teach girls tangible strategies and tools to build confidence, recognize strength, and develop a positive relationship with their minds and bodies.


The 10 week boxing curriculum runs alongside a leadership development curriculum rooted in Social Emotional Learning.


FLAG coaches at our partner schools facilitate the program with training and support from our program staff. 


 High School Program

Launched in partnership with the U.S. State Department through the U.S. Embassy in Cape Town, South Africa, our high school program runs at the same time in the U.S. and South Africa. This global program aims to develop students who are proficient not only in jabs and hooks but in leadership, cross-cultural learning, and social impact. 

Our high school program runs in eight week sessions and offers several opportunities for girls to connect with their peers from across the world.